Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Back in the Game

     I recently came back to the sport that I found when I was eleven, one that I would call my passion, rock climbing. Following my college graduation and the conclusion of my track career I decided that climbing was the only thing I wanted to do. Since I’ve come back to climbing I have done quite a few competitions as well as really try to get outside as much as I can. My outdoor adventures began with an amazing two-week trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee, where I stayed with my good friends Kasia and Jimmy. This trip was the first time that I had spent more than a couple of days at an area, and I must say that I enjoyed every minute of it. Following that trip, I got the opportunity to go to Switzerland! Kasia and Jimmy invited me to go with them, and I am so grateful that they did, because Switzerland was, for lack of a better word, breathtaking! Everyday I had to pinch myself, because I could not believe that I was actually there. The rock there was unbelievably amazing as was scenery of the country in its entirety. Not only was the climbing incredible, but I also met some extraordinary fellow climbers while I was there. I can honestly say that Switzerland is a place that I want to go back to as soon as I can, but next time I plan on making my trip much longer.

The view from our kitchen window in Chironico, Switzerland!

                        Pamplemousse V11 in Brione, Switzerland! Photo by Albert Barti Wuersch  

     In addition to getting back into the climbing scene I decided to make a huge life decision and make the move from Florida to Boulder, Colorado. Despite my fears, due to the rash decision I made, my experience thus far has been better than I could have ever imagined. Not only have I reconnected with so many wonderful people that I knew from my younger days, but I have also had the pleasure of meeting so many new amazing people that have welcomed me with open arms. I’ve only been in Boulder for a few weeks and I’ve already had the opportunity to climb outside every weekend, compete in SCS Nationals, and take a trip to Joe’s Valley, not a bad way to start this new chapter in my life!

The finals route at SCS Nationals! Photo by Beau Kahler  


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere - it'll be great to hear about your adventures in your own voice!

    Can't see the second and third photos, though...

  2. (That's Ralph Munn Photography from the Dark Horse comps... ;)

  3. Keep being the STUD you are, Meagan! Enjoy every friggin minute of it and keep your old coach up to date on what's going on! Love ya kid!