Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Long Overdue Post

     It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post, and aside from being busy I don’t have a good excuse. I tend to be picky about what I choose to post, and as a result there hasn’t been a post from me in 6 months. Since my last post I’ve probably started to write five or six different entries and decided there was something wrong with each one, resulting in no post at all. Therefore, this is my attempt at turning over a new leaf, so hopefully this post makes it out of my Audrey Hepburn journal and on to my new website…
I wasn't kidding about the journal

     Since my last post a lot has happened, and luckily some of the events are documented through Instagram. I have some amazing new sponsors that I am working with (Adidas Outdoors, Gnarly Nutrition, Joshua Tree Skin Care, and La Sportiva). I am also happy to say that my other sponsors (Organic Climbing and Rockwerx) that I have been working with for almost a year are still helping me pursue my dreams! I’ve also taken on a new role as a coach at ABC Kids Climbing in Boulder, Colorado, which I started at the end of October. Becoming a coach at ABC has been an amazing opportunity for me, and I feel so lucky to get to work with so many amazing kids and coaches on a weekly basis. I think that having a gym like ABC is the best way to help mold the next generation of climbers. In my opinion they are in the best position to achieve their goals and reach their full potential not only as climbers, but as members of this amazing community.
We were Bouldering National Champs this Year! Photo by Greenz Productions

     In addition to coaching and competing I have also been doing clinics across the country. Clinics have been a great way to meet new people and share my passion for climbing with them. Since I came from a gymnastics and track background the idea of clinics and camps has always been something that I was used to. It is nice to see that in the sport of climbing people are interested in developing their climbing skills through clinics and camps. It is something that other sports have been doing for a long time, and in climbing it is more popular than ever at the moment. It really shows that the sport which so many of us love is truly progressing.
The clinic I did after the Heist in Boston! Photo by Tim Roy 

     This upcoming month will be a busy one for me, filled with multiple competitions and hopefully some outdoor climbing. It all starts next weekend when I travel to Boston for the Ring of Fire finals. While I am there I will be teaching a clinic on Sunday morning following the competition. I have also been given the opportunity to coach the CRG team at the Glastonbury gym on Monday, which I am looking forward to. Following the Ring of Fire is Dominion Riverrock in Richmond, and finally the Toronto Bouldering World Cup in Canada! I’m really excited about my upcoming competitions and in the meantime I am training for them as best as I can.
Qualifiers at the Munich Bouldering World Cup! I can't wait for Toronto!!! Photo by Sebastien Lazure
     Somehow I was able to give a short recap of the last six months as well as a glimpse at what is to come for me. I am really happy with everything that is going on right now, and I really appreciate all of the support that I have had over the past couple of years! The launch of my website was a great success and the feedback I have received from everyone has been lovely. It looks like my work here is done for now. Until next time…(Hopefully not 6 months from now)



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